Autumn Group Giftie

Autumn GG

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Omgosh! Another Lubbly Jubblies started!

Zipped Boob Toob GatchaClick picture to see full size!

The new round of Lubbly Jubblies started today and we’re so excited by all of the awesome creations our designers have put out!

J’adore has another gatcha machine out for this round, 45L per play with two rares and five common tube tops to collect!

We hope to see you at Cleavage soon!



Hai everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog! I’ve been stupidly busy irl with work and haven’t had much of a chance to get on! I’ll try to get better at sending out updates!


Elle ❤


Stuff going on now!

August Group Gift

These cutes J’adore tubes can be found at all of our stores, slurls located to the right of this post! –>

LJ Gatcha Vendor BIG

This’ll be your last chance to get these Gatcha tees at this special price! The event ends on the 13th of this month!

They can be found here!


These super tubes can be found at Bewbapalooza for the whole month! Yay!

Summer Mini Gatcha

A cool new gatcha event just for our boobies! I love it! These cute summer mini dresses can only be found at the Hello Titty Slots location! Grab em at this discounted price while you can!

Lubly Jubblies part 2!!

Hiya Girls!!

The NEW round of Lubbly Jubblies starts tomorrow, July 15th and will run ’til the 13th of August! We’re so excited to bring you another round of this great event!

Lubbly Jubblies Logo Alpha

We’ll have three gatcha machines at the event this month, with naughty titty-tees inside. There will be two rares inside each machine, and the J’adore shopping bags will be no copy, no mod but you will be able to transfer them, which means you can trade with your friends. Check out the vendor picture below (click to make it bigger!) for a sneak peek of what we’ll be offering!!


LJ Gatcha Vendor BIG


Elle ❤

Summer Madness!

Hiya Girls,

We have loadss of new stuff coming up @ J’adore so keep your eyes peeled for some great deals!!

Elle ❤


BBC Tees

❤ BBC Tees for Going Bust @ Cleavage!

Event Ends: Monday 8th July.


Lovin' Summer Kini

Lovin’ Summer Kini for the Summer Lovin’ Hunt!

You’re looking for a little icecream cone located at the main store!

Hunt ends: July 28th.


July Group Gift

July Group Gift!

Can be found at all of our locations!

Available ’til the end of the month.


Coming soon!

SeeThru Suits

Bewbapalooza sneak peek!!

Starts Friday 5th July and runs for the whole month!


Upcoming events:

Lubbly Jubblies – starts July 15th!

Hello Titty Slots – starts July 20th!

Lubbly Jubblies and Hunting for your Inner Slut!

Hai girls!

Sorry this post is late, been super duper busy!

Lubbly Jubblies!

Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly sales event held at the Cleavage warehouse (across from Lolas) providing NEW and EXCLUSIVE items for the implant community. Twenty stores will participate in each event along with our sponsors, J’adore and sexZ. The event will be open the 15th -13th every month. Happy Shopping!

Check out the Cleavage blog for all of the details on our amazing new event!

Cutie Romper_LJExLubbly Dresses_LJ


It’s that time again, the hunt is running ’til July 15th. As usual you’re looking for a golden cock! This is such a fun hunt with a wide variety of stores taking part. Check out the official blog for more info!

Grab em Kini_HYIS4

The Thrift Shop!

The Thrift Shop Promo Flier

As you can see we’re now part of a super cool new event taking place this month! The Thrift  Shop is a full sim event with sales tables, some new releases, and gatcha machines. This event may house up to 200 designers all offering their products @ a 50% reduction in price.


Old Releases Reduced by 50%;

Laced Cocktail_Metallics


Laced Cocktail_Pastels

New&Exclusive to the Thrift Shop;

Maxi Dresses_Jewell Collection_Thrift Shop

You’ll be able to find them here on Saturday (8th June)!!